2008 | 2014 — S L A Y  M E  O N I K A 

I thought more older the wiser you get… Idk I guess that shot ain’t trending or trendy or whatever the Fuck

have you drank a glass of water today? cleaned your room? eaten breakfast? moisturized your skin and hair? taken deep cleansing breaths? stretched your muscles? gotten some fresh air? read a book? done anything that’s personally productive to your life besides decide to use a painfully false and misogynistic paradigm to try to call yourself  insulting, unprompted, a woman who uses her talents to elevate herself and personally make it her mission to inspire and uplift black girls and women across the world with her music and her style and her constant reclamation of her body and her sexiness as her own and not one that’s manufactured for a male gaze ON TOP of her verbal confirmation her understanding of and disgust with the damaging sexism AND racism she has to fight just like us that continues to persist today?

probably not, and that’s kinda sad. 

Clap the fuck back







Female Fantasy III



May they be forever alone for their elitist douche-baggery.

I was recently interviewing the woman who founded Her Universe and we were talking specifically about women and geekdom. I asked about the rise of girls in geek culture and she very accurately corrected me: There is no “rise” of geek girls. We’ve always been here. Girls are just as nerdy as dudes are. Ladies have always been interested in sci fi and fantasy and video games - we just don’t talk about it a lot because men are assholes.